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The International Incubator is a supporting environment to entrepreneurship based in IBTI. It focuses on:

  • Interaction between the productive sector and Education Institutions;
  • Products and business models innovation;
  • Promotion of the technological innovation culture and companies’ competitiveness.  

The result is the development of assertive businesses and that are more likely to stay in the market.

Since its foundation, IBTI has been investing on research and innovation for consolidating the country’s economic, social, technological and business development by means of strategic actions that focus on job growth and wealth generation in companies of the Federal District. 


Companies Incubator

The International Incubator supports the development, growth and consolidation of technological groundbreaking businesses by means of offering physical and technological infrastructure, specialized consulting services, additional business education and guidance on the elaboration of projects for the fostered institutions.

Business Factory

The Business Factory supports entrepreneurs during their projects’ validation and development period, offering support on the development of their business model, technical and economic validation and basic training on business management.  

Development of R&D&I Projects on ICT

It is linked to the International Incubator and it focuses on developing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects in partnership with micro, small, medium and large companies. Besides, it has a role as generator for the introduction of new technologies in the market and the possibility of creation of spin-offs.

Entrepreneurial Catechesis

This action aims at developing in future professionals in the Federal District an entrepreneurial vision by means of recreational activities that effect behavioral/cultural changes. This program allows ongoing knowledge exchange with the students about entrepreneurship and aspects related to it.   

Infrastructure and Services

  • Environments of virtual employees for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) labs;
  •  Internet access (subject to IBTI’s IT Policy);
  •  Telephone land line available for making local calls and that are in compliance with the terms stipulated in the contract;
  •  Training room;
  •  Meeting room;
  •  Co-working environment;
  • Workstations for projects’ development.

Product’s Marketing and Communication

  • Marketing through IBTI’s site;
  •  Product’s or service’s design;
  •  Product’s communication-oriented solutions;
  •  Development of businesses models;
  •  Methodological solutions for developing businesses models of the project to be conceived;
  •  Implementation-oriented solutions in cloud computing environments;
  •  Service-oriented solutions;
  •  Methodological support on service-oriented development;
  •  Methodological solutions on projects management;
  • Specialized consulting services in management, finance, marketing, personal development and innovation management areas;

Specialized training in management, finance, marketing, personal development and technology areas;


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