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IBTI’s pillars are Technology and Innovation, therefore it is a Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) oriented Institution that covers many technological knowledge areas.

Its most notable skill is to perform projects with a high level specialization degree, which focus on seeking for modern and efficient solutions for partner companies and organizations.

IBTI makes use of its technological expertise and partnership skills for creation and developing cutting-edge products and services in the most diverse sectors, benefiting from technologies incorporated within the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field. 

IBTI has settled a great number of agreements with national and international companies and institutions in the field of computer science, telecommunication, health, government administration, industry, among others. Thus, IBTI seeks to make use of its qualified team and cutting-edge infrastructure, the increase in productivity and cost reduction by means of processes automation.

Among these agreements, partnerships with higher education institutions stand out, in which IBTI takes action in training human capital, teaching professionals for meeting the needs of the technology marketplace.    

Therefore, IBTI develops various IT services, applications for development and hardware enhancement; it implements the IoT concept, service-oriented computing and mobility. Among this, number of projects developed, a sample of the Institution’s qualification is the bringing forward of complex and paramount proposals for the Brazilian community, such as the National Center of Health Terminologies (CENTERMS), which focuses on standardizing medical terminologies all around the country.


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Address: SIG Quadra 01 Lote 385 sala 311 – Edifício Platinum Office – Brasília/DF - CEP 70.610-410 |+ 55 (61) 3045-2600

Instituto Brasília de Tecnologia e Inovação - IBTI